Sunday, December 20, 2009

Please don't make me go.......

to work tomorrow! I have two more days to work until the first of the year and I don't want to!!! I would rather finish setting up my new scrap space. I have been in the process of moving all my scrap supplies up stairs. I took over one of the spare rooms, I should take a photo of the before and after! It is so unorganized and I can't wait to get everything in it's new home!!!
Jim and I went over to visit Teresa, Morgan, and Al yesterday and had an absolute blast! Why do we wait so long to visit them? Thanks for a great time guys!

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Vicki in MD said...

So Mardi - this is where you've been - congrats on Christmas in warmer weather. Of coursde I read this when last weekend we had 22" of snow, and today is it a cool 12 with balmy breezes reaching gusts to 30mph. Why oh why didn't you take me with you? Congrats on becoming a guest designer - I'll have to check out what you're doing more often! Happy New Year my friend!