Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Sweetie!!

Am I bad or what?!?!?! I forgot to wish my Sweetie a Happy Birthday on my blog. His birthday was this past Saturday. When he was younger his favorite band was KISS. I heard they are planning in Canada on July 11th, which is only about a hour away from us. I wanted to surprise him with tickets for his birthday, so I started searching for tickets and the best price I found was $125 a ticket. I wasn't sure if I wanted to pay $250. I happened to mention it to my sis, Ruthie and she said she could possibly hook me up. try and make a long story short, she ended up getting me two tickets and a hotel room for $0.00. Woohooo!!!! I think I shocked the crap out of my Sweetie!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Ann said...

What a sweet gift!

Justwanted to mention that your link to your layout for June's sketch still won't work. Do you have it uploaded to photobucket, maybe I can see it that way. Or you could e-mail it to me. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY *belated* BIRTHDAY UNCLE JIM!!!!!!! I miss you!!!
Love you!!!!!!!
Hailey Girl