Saturday, June 13, 2009

I am beat!

We have tons of trees in our yard and now have 6 less dead pine trees. We worked in the yard all day long and I am beat!!! The previous owner was a tree farmer and he got a little carried away with planting so many trees! He planted three of those pine trees by the swimming pool, yep you guessed it we would have pine cones and needles in our pool all the time!! Woohooooooooo, not gonna miss them and I am not crying because they are gone! We had a fire going all day burning just the brush and limbs, haven't even started on burning the logs yet! It was one hot fire! These things make me so happy and our yard is looking so good. We have great neighbors that helped us out so much!!! I picked up pizza, beer, and pop and that was our dinner! Now it is time to relax!

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