Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh Scrappy Rat, the elf...

don't you just love that name! Scrappy Rat is the winner of a USX, she is Fisk-a-teer #1135, see Pinky's video if you are not familiar with a USX! Congratulations! It will go postal on Monday, December 15th. Thank you everyone for playing! See the results below:

21 Eleves
17 Rudolphs
7 Santas
5 Mrs. Claus'
4 Scrooges
and one who did not post their results.



Pinky said...

OMG! How cool are you linking me up!! Thank YOU!

Tona said...

Congratulations Scrappy Rat!
Thanks for the fun quiz, Mardi.

Scrappy Rat said...

Whoohoo! I can't believe I won...and me, so disappointed to be an elf! Thanks so much! Can't wait for the goodies to arrive. :) Do you need any info from me? Thank you thank you thank you so much, and I'm glad you like my screen name. :)

Mardi said...

Finally ScrappyRat, will you send me a pm through Fiskateers blog with your name and address?