Friday, January 2, 2009

My sleep schedule is way out of whack...

and I am going to be in big trouble when Monday rolls around! I took too long of a nap yesterday and woke up at 3:00 am and can't get back to sleep, so I decided to share more of our wonderful trip!

Christmas tree at the Resort

Couldn't resist getting in Santa's sleigh in the town center of San Jose Del Cabo!
The resort, Playa Del Sol we stayed in.
The maid was awesome and left us presents each day!One of my favorite places to spend my time!

Sunrise from our balcony!

My favorite picture from our trip, my husband! Enlarging for my desk at work!

Now back to bed for a little more sleep!


Anonymous said...

The pictures are awesome!! It looks like it was a fantastic trip. We are going with you again next time!!

Happy New Year!!

Love ya, Ruthie

Calv said...

you look as if you have had a wonderful time ! and i loved seeing you and hubby in the sleigh - you big kid lol ! fab stuff !
love maddy xxxx
happy new year xxxx

lisa said...

fab holiday pics - wish I could be there right now!!

Melissa said...

great pictures would love to do that some day (go for Christmas that is!)

Ching-a-ling said...

I so wish I was on a fabulous vacation like you. Sigh...tomorrow is back to work day. It looks like you and your hubby had a fabulous time! Happy New Year!