Saturday, March 21, 2009

Now this is one smart chickie...

I was browsing the web recently and came across a link for these: ribbon rings. I though, "Wow, these could work for me" as I'd been looking for a way to store my loose ribbon for a while. THEN I thought, "hey, I could probably MAKE these"!!! And the rest, as they say, is history!

Make your own ribbon rings tags for ribbon storage

Clear plastic (I used packaging plastic. These pieces here were Heidi Swapp packaging);
corner rounder;
1/4" hole punch;
rectangle punch (you know you have this somewhere! I dug mine out from the closet, top shelf);
Sharpie or other permanent marker;

1. Naturally as with any project that requires multiples - MAKE A TEMPLATE! I did this one from thick cardboard (which you could use instead of the clear plastic. I will say that for SHEER ribbon I'd make them out of cardboard/chipboard. I think the sheer ribbons may snag on the plastic when punched.). Mine measures 2" high x 1.5" wide. The punched parts I eyeballed. Once your template is made, trace around the shape using Sharpie.

2. Using scissors (don't use your best scissors!) trim around the edges. You could use a paper trimmer but scissors work fine for this small size. And I think cutting the plastic would dull the blade, hence use old scissors.

3. Round the corners using a corner rounder punch. I was surprised how easy this was!!! Maybe it would depend on the thickness of the plastic but this was easily thin enough to punch. (do this over a trash bin, and wear eye protection! - trust me those bits fly EVERYWHERE!)

4. Punch hole in top of the tag. Simple enough, yet tougher than the corners! I found it best to wear rubber gloves, to give me more leverage on the punch. Probably easier with Cropodile? (I think I'm the only crafter in the Universe without one. I simply refuse to buy one when I have tools that already do the same job. See, frugal!)

5. Ok this part takes some time. Depending on the width you want for your ribbon to thread through, punch the rectangles. On mine the "holes" are 7/8") so I needed to punch 3 rectangles across for each 'hole'. Start at one edge and punch, move in to centre as far as you can (slightly overlapping) and punch again. (again, do this over a trash bin and wear eye protection!)

You should have TWO punches on one side, and the tag should look like this

6. Flip the tag over and punch the opposite side, lining up the punch with previous 'holes'.

7. VOILA! The tag is done. Thread your ribbon through, put on a ring and you have your own ribbon rings for zero $$!

8. Repeat making as many as you need. Slip the rings onto a loose binder ring, hang on a hook and display in your scraproom! This is my first set hanging to the left of my scrap table. I plan on adding more to this ring (I also have bigger rings - bought from dollar tree), and putting another hook or two along the wall. Definitely helps to SEE your ribbon. Plus I can write the manufacturer of the ribbon on the tags!

Now this isn't to say mine are as nice or neat as the pre-made ones, and yes they do take some time to make (especially considering I need a TON of these! But I made 12 in about 20 mins, assembly line style). But for me the FREE factor far outweighs all that. Plus I'm reusing, recycling, and reducing landfill waste!
Thanks Di Hickman for this wonderful tutorial!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mardi for bringing this to our attention....always looking for a good deal too!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool and great instructions!!!! Looks awesome finished!

Tona said...

It turned out great!

doverdi said...

Great idea!

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what a cool and useful idea! Thanks for sharing