Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still dreaming of a Slice...

and still trying to talk myself out of buying one. I have a revolution and a cuttlebug, so why would I want a Slice? You tell me. Would you like to have a chance on winning 1 of the 2 that Danielle is giving away on her blog? She needs 2000post on her blog before she will give them away, so won't you help a girl out and post your 5 comments everyday for the next two weeks to meet the goal and have a chance to win. Just click on Danielle and post away! Even if you are family and friends who stop and visit my blog and do not leave post and don't even know what to do with a Slice, enter and I would gladly take it off your hands!!!

EDITED: My friend Sharon won one of these Slices, congratulations Sharon!!!!

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