Saturday, November 8, 2008

The "Enveloper"...

In the crafting community we share ideas with each other and I can't remember who shared this idea, but you have to stop sharing or maybe I need to stop looking...NOT!
Have you seen this cool new tool? I am so into tools! I want, no I neeeeeeeeed this tool! A description:
Craft professional cards and scrapbooking pages with The Enveloper from Crafter's Companion
Craft tool helps you create matching envelopes for your card creations
Ideal for use with most arts and crafts projects
Transform any sheet of 12 inch x 12 inch paper into an envelope
Nine different sizes
Don't you think this is something to add to my "toolbox?"


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting!!!!

marla said...

I have wanted to get one of the these. Are they easy to use and make good envelopes. Marla #3291

Anonymous said...

OH I WANT ONE! I havne't seen it yet. Where did you get it?

michongarf said...

ooohhh yeah I want 1!!!

Patti Smith said...

Sounds interesting...I think they have one at my LSS....I'm gonna have to find a webisode to watch about this...thanks for sharing (I think!! LOL)