Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hershey Fisk*a*Friendzy...

Wow! Wendy Jo, one of the Lead Fisk*a*teers hosted this amazing one day event. It was sponsored by Fiskars, which is a wonderful and caring company. I sent an email to Wendy Jo prior to the event asking if she needed any help and she replied by asking me to help at this spectacular event. I was so honored to help in anyway I could. A few of the things I got to do is assist in setting up the room and passing out Fiskars tools and goodies!The most important part was getting to know Wendy Jo, Debby, and Pammie Jo on a personal level and calling them my friends! Equally as important, was making new friends while I was passing out the great prizes!

Wendy Jo


Pammie Jo

Registration began:
Carrie & Pammie Jo


Fisk*a*Friendzy Kit#1 with Cloud9 paper and especially designed by Wendy Jo for us: Guest Speaker:

Kathleen Reid author of "A Page Out of Life"

and yes I have my very own autographed copy!

Tag/ATC Swap:

The one I made is on the far top left

Yummo! Buffet style!
Karl McCall of the Hershey Resort
guided us through a chocolate tasting event!
Some of that chocolate was bitter, the piece to the right is the milk chocolate, which was my fav!

One of the Fisk*a*teers of the Year 2008 Congrats Debby!

Hershey Trolley Works Tour:

Here comes our trolley!

Perfect photo opp!

Place of birthplace of Milton(click on Milton to read his amazing story) Herhey.

Chocolate World:

My sweetie went with me to Hershey!

Another amazing woman, Carrie another newly made friend!

Chocolate Sensation Station:

Meet all my new friends:

Break time.... I need to run and vote! Did you vote yet?

Ok, I am back! I couldn't believe that I walked right in, voted and no line!

Door Prizes:

Just a small porition of what was given away!

The Stamp Factory(Frankie) winner!
and more prizes as we were ending our day! Hi Michon!
Michon's story will be saved for another post

These are the 5 Lead Fisk*a*teers!

"Hummelstown House!" Jim and I ate Sunday brunch here and we are so glad we did! This is a definite stop if you are ever in Hummelstown, PA. I can still taste the carmel french toast!!!!
One last stop, "Fancy That" in Hummelstown, PA. Were you wondering why we were in Hummelstown? Wendy Jo told me there was a scrapbook store and if you know anything about me, I was not going to give up a chance to see another store. I walked into the store and the Fisk*a*teers began coming out of the woodwork. The picture below does not include all of the girls because some were too busy shopping to stop and smile for the camera! We began our weekend dressed in orange and ended the weekend dressed in pink, imagine that!
Goodbye PA! One of the 4 tunnels my husband and I went through! Here we come Michigan! Do you think I was crazy to drive over 1100 miles to attend this event? I would do it again in a heartbeat. New friends, PRICELESS!


Debby said...

Totally and completely awesome. I know I will never forget this weekend. And Mardi I SO MISS YOU.

{jennie} said...

Good for you for going and making the trip! I wish I could, but it would be no fun with almost 15 month old babies!
Love that you are all sharing your experience!

patty w said...

Great photo's Mardi !

Wish I could of been with y'all but happy everyone had such a good time !

Pinky said...

I cannot wait to meet yas!

Jennie said...

wow looks like a great time was had by all!!

michongarf said...

Awesome girlfriend!!!
What do you mean Michons story later?? Oh boy! lol

Sharon said...

What a blast we had....and meeting you was definetly a highlight...hope to meet again soon. Your blog is great...I shall be back. Have you checked out Drummond Island yet..hehehhee?

Misvish said...

Wow - looks like you had a ton of fun. Thanks for sharing.

MaryNSC said...

OOO Thank U Thank U for sharing.. O How I wished I could have come too..i could smeel the chocolate and the goodies..HAHAHHAHA
NO U AINT CRAZY!! U was LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You look like you had an awesome time. Wow the creations and the prizes!

Glad you posted the photos up thanks so much.

Great blog too!

Debbie Buckland

Jennifer N. said...

Awesome blog. The Hershey Fisk-a-Friendzy looks like it was a blast.