Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One of my friends sent this post, isn't this a great idea?

Here in Richmond, VA is home to a huge veterans hospital where many of our seriously wounded vets are sent, many away from their homes and away from their family and friends. I contacted American Red Cross and together we have formed a plan. At this time, there are 480 wounded vets in this hospital. My goal and the reason I need YOUR help is because I would like to make sets of cards to give to each wounded vet so that he may send cards to his/her loved ones at Christmas. The cards in each set should be the same or similar in design and each should include an envelope. Each set should include 10 cards. You can tie a ribbon around each set. I need to have the cards by December 1st.American Red Cross is going to have a stamp drive in order to try and provide stamps for each card but if you would like to also donate stamps, anything would be appreciated. My goal is to provide each wounded soldier with a set of cards for this hospital so I knew the only way to obtain this goal is to reach out to the talented and generous group of crafters in this community. Please email me if you are interested -- Thanks so much.

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